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Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Well, this is actually true especially if you want to start working out and attain your goals. Every person who steps in a gym to workout has the following goals and objectives in mind:
l Lose weight
l Increase muscle mass
l Tone muscles
To ensure the above goals and more are achieved, it is wise to create an effective workout plan. With such a workout plan, not only will you be in possession of a useful guide but your time will be utilized well. In addition, you will be able to track your progress much easier.
Want to get started?
Here is how you can create an effective workout plan.
#1. Select your routine
How many days in a week can you spare to workout? Two, three, four, five or six days. Well, experts recommend that your workout routine should be more than three days to ensure your body gains the benefits of the workout.
An effective workout plan should consider the following:
l Number of workouts – experts recommend 3 to 6 exercises in a week
l Duration of your workout – 1 ½ hours to 3 hours
l Type of workouts – include cardio and resistance training
For example if you decide to create a 3 day workout routine, here is what it should contain:
Monday – Concentrate on training your shoulders, chest and triceps
Wednesday – Train your back and biceps
Friday – Repeat Monday’s Workout and incorporate a few workouts for the legs
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – post workout recovery, foam rolling or myofascial release.
Don’t forget pre workout nutrition and warm up exercises before starting your workout.
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#2.Avoid the same pattern
A vast majority of people make the mistake of repeating the same workouts over and over again. What I mean is you will find people using the same loads, rep schemes and activities, day in, day out. Performing the same workouts or repeating the same pattern will induce mental burnout. It may also lead to bodily injury. This means, your muscles and joints will be subjected to the same repetitive stress thus overcoming your muscles ability to recover.
To avoid this, diversify your bodybuilding workouts. Doing so will kick start muscle growth allowing you to increase muscle mass and burn fat.
#3.Always challenge yourself
In line with the above point (#2), you need to keep challenging yourself each day you step through the doors of the gym. This will ensure consistent progress. In your workout routine, incorporate the following:
l Increase training volume – more reps and sets
l Increase loads
l Increase speed of completion
Not challenging yourself with something new every day means that your body will reach the state of plateau. This is where your muscles do not increase no matter the number of workouts performed. Remember, you don’t have to start on hard workouts immediately. Challenge yourself slowly and gradually.
Challenging yourself too fast could result in injuries which mean you will miss out on training.
#4.Track your progress
It is important to maintain a log of your progress. This will enable you to know whether your short and long term goals are close to fruition. In your workout plan, design a weekly and monthly log. It is important to write down what body part or muscles you are targeting during a certain week. When it comes to workouts, write down the workout, number of reps and sets. This will enable you to avoid following a similar pattern every week. Remember to write down your weight before and after your workout session. You can take a step further and measure your biceps, triceps, waist and chest. Include details about your pre workout and post workout nutrition. Don’t forget to add details about your post workout recovery too.
#5.Make it fun
It is important to make your workout sessions fun. To do so, include workouts that you enjoy. For instance if you don’t like performing cardio, you can opt to ride a bike or jog around your neighborhood.
Don’t forget to utilize available technology to create your workout plan and track your progress. There are several web and mobile apps which can help to make your work easier. You don’t have to deal with pen and paper. In addition, the web and mobile apps enables you to access your workout plan even when on the move. For instance, if you plan to take a vacation or travel for business, you can still keep working out by following your workout plan. Just fire up your smart device and sign in.
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