Tips To Get Bodybuilders Completely Ripped

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As a professional athlete or body builder, you probably spend a few hours working out at the gym or attending one of your favorite fitness classes. It’s very rare for a day to elapse without you taking a few hours out of your day to step into a gym for a workout session. What you ought to know is that the time spent at the gym is only a fraction of what must be done to ensure you achieve your workout goals.

Did you know that 95% of the day is spent outside the gym?

According to researchers, this is the most important period. Why? It is the period where your body gets time to heal muscles, tendons and ligaments. This is also the period where the body metabolizes major ingredients found in bodybuilding supplements namely protein to help in the growth of new muscles.

Want to know the name of this period?

Well, it’s referred to as the post workout recovery period.

Here are 5 post workout recovery strategies that will maximize muscle growth.

#1.Keep calm and chill out
Let’s face it. The period spent outside the gym is allocated towards attaining certain goals and objectives at home or the office. At the end of the day, we have to work in order to eat, to afford stuff such as the gym, car, insurance and college tuition. Since we all strive to live a good life, we end up taking on extra workload. On some occasions, you will find people working two or more jobs in order to have a good life.

This has the potential of triggering stress. If the practice above is not checked, it will escalate and probably result in more problems – depression. Stress results in a drop in testosterone levels and the release of cortisol. In addition, anxiety and stress can make you restless. As a result, you will end up burning more calories and having difficulty packing muscle mass.

Want to pack muscle mass? Avoid stressful situations. Keep calm and chill out.

#2.Hydrate on a daily basis
Water is an abundant resource but a vast majority of people fail to hydrate the required amount. According to medical experts, one is required to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Did you know that your brain is 95% water?

While this is not a reason enough to stay hydrated, drinking the recommended number of glasses daily especially during post workout recovery will ensure you enjoy the following benefits:
l Aids in weight loss
l Builds muscle
l Lowers fluid retention
l Increases muscle tone
l Lowers fatigue

#3.Load your body with high quality protein
As said earlier, protein is the building block of muscles. Muscle growth, repairs and replacement of damaged muscle fibers occurs through a cellular process. During this process, muscle fibers fuse together to form myofibrils. As you continue consuming high quality protein during pre and post workout periods, the repaired myofibrils will increase in thickness and number. In the end, it will result in muscle hypertrophy.

Foods that are rich in protein include eggs (hard boiled), almonds, chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese, lean beef, pork tenderloin, soy, beans and sea food.

If you want to expedite the muscle growth process, consume bodybuilding supplements rich in casein/whey concentrate among others.

#4.Have a good night sleep
Sleep is a rest period where the body has the chance of repairing and replacing muscle fibers thus promoting muscle growth. Studies have shown that sleeping less than 5 hours a night lowers testosterone levels by 10% to 15%. Apart from that, it has been found to reduce the production of insulin-like growth factor 1. Since both hormones play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis, not having a good night sleep will limit muscle growth.

So, to maximize muscle gain, get a good night sleep every day.

Experts recommend that one should sleep 8 hours each night and no more. This will boost hormone levels and optimize muscle growth.

#5.Get a massage
In a week, professional athletes and body builders will perform the following workouts:
l Dumbbell bench press
l Barbell squats
l Barbell shoulder press
l Barbell curl
l Bent over barbell row
l Deadlift among others.
When working out, tiny tears will occur on your muscles. This helps to fuel muscle mass during post workout recovery. When you get a professional massage, anxiety and inflammation will be lowered. In addition, it will alleviate long term muscular pain and improve range of motion.