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Bodybuilding Diet

Although initially bodybuilding was considered as a sport, now men are practicing it as a way to keep them fit and attractive. Bodybuilding is an activity that involves a lot of workouts, special diet, and training in order to build muscles mainly on the upper body parts. It can be done by both men and women although it is mostly practiced by men. Note that building your body does not happen overnight and therefore, you need to create a plan and strategy that you will follow over the period that you have planned to reach your goals.

Tips for bodybuilding.

• Increase your weightlifting.

Weightlifting is one of the major aids for gaining and strengthening the muscles on the upper body parts. Therefore, to make sure that you are able to build more muscles as you workout to reach your target, you need to also increase the weight bars. For example, if you start off with 40 kgs bars, make an effort of adding another 20 kgs after a period of two weeks or less. The more resistant you create in your weight lifting, the more muscles you are able to build and vice versa.

• Incorporate short failure plan into your workout.

Keep in mind that you are using your body and it tends to get tired and even resist the workout program. Also, overworking the body especially in weightlifting causes it to get fatigued and tired all the time. So, even if you are determined or you have a plan for the number of lifts to do in a day or per session, sometimes it is okay to fail to meet your weight lifting target. For example, if you have an aim of lifting 20 reps of about 100 kgs bar and after you get to your 10th you feel like you cannot go anymore, just drop the weights, catch a breather and continue with your session after a while.

• Eat before and after your workout.

It is essential to fuel your body before you hit the gym so you can create enough energy to take you through your workout. Therefore, make sure to have a good meal that has all the right nutrients before you head to the gym. Also, once you are done with your workout, it is ideal that you grab a meal to help you restore the nutrients that were lost through sweating when working out.

The best bodybuilding diets.

Egg white.

This is the best diet to have before you head to your workout session and after working out as well. Egg whites are equipped with a high concentration of proteins which are essential for building and repairing the muscles and they also add fuel to your body. Also, the fact that this part of the egg has low fat makes it be more preferred.


This is another reliable source of protein to add to your meal. Chicken is high in protein and low in a saturated fat which makes it easy to get digested in the body.


Fish such as tuna and salmon are ideal for bodybuilders as they are equipped with a high concentration of omega fatty acids which are suitable for muscle building.


Water is another essential part of your workout and you should take as much water as possible. It helps retain the water that is lost from your body through sweating and it also helps in keeping you hydrated. Therefore, take water as you workout and after your workouts too.

Best workouts for bodybuilding.


This is the main or rather the common exercise that is targeted in toning the body and building of muscles by strengthening them.

Five by five program.

This is a program that involves five exercises and one is required to repeat the exercises five times per session. Make sure to select the most challenging exercises to help you create resistant to quick muscle building results.
The exercises that you choose should also focus on all body parts for better results.

Bodybuilding Supplements.

Supplements are essential for bodybuilders since they make it easier for one to get the best nutrients required to fuel the body during your workouts. Sometimes you may not be getting the right nutrients from the foods that you eat and with a supplement intake in between your workouts helps in compensating for the nutrients deficient in your body.


If you would want to get involved in bodybuilding, use the above tips and guides to help you choose the right foods, workouts and also how to carry out your workouts for better results. Working out with a trainer is important since he or she can guide and assist you with your workouts.



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