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Bodybuilding Tips

Your first month at the gym is over. During the month, you have engaged in several workouts such as barbell squats, deadlift, cardio and stretch all in hopes of bulking up. To see if the heavy lifting sessions have paid off, you are now standing in front of your mirror flexing your muscles (biceps, triceps and abs) but alas!
The results are not pleasing. You try different positions but you can’t see that big “potato” bulging where your biceps should be. Now you are disappointed. Your mind starts wondering if it was all worth it. Should you continue working out?
Building muscle is a slow process that takes time but you can shorten the path by accelerating muscle growth.
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#1.Consume more protein – pre and post workout
One of the most important bodybuilding tips is to consume more protein rich foods and supplements pre and post workout. Here is why. Consuming protein rich foods such as boiled eggs (egg white and yolk) and protein supplements rich in BCAAs before workout helps to fuel the muscles during workout. During this period, BCAAs breakdown and oxidize thus preventing the need for your body to catabolize on your muscles.
During post workout recovery, protein rich foods and supplements help in the repair or replacement of muscles. Basically, muscle fibers fuse together in numbers resulting in muscle mass. So, before stepping out the door to workout, consume protein rich foods or supplements. This should be done an hour before you start your workout.

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#2.Make changes to your training volume
If you are used to performing less reps and sets during your workout sessions, then you need to make changes. Experts have discovered that if bodybuilders increase their training volume, they will speed up muscle hypertrophy which is essentially muscle growth. In order to ensure the best results and reduce the chances of getting tired, lower the weight’s value.
To accelerate muscle growth, here is what you need to do. Instead of working out less than three sets, make sure your training volume is between three to six sets. In each set, the number of reps should be 10 to 20.
#3.Train at a fast rep
Bodybuilding experts have discovered that training at a fast rep has the potential of increasing your muscles. In fact it helps to increase the pace at which your muscles are able to handle different weights. This means, the faster the reps, the more power your muscles will have. What you ought to know is that power is an important component when it comes to overall muscle strength. It helps to accelerate muscle growth. To attain the best results, select a weight that is 50% of your one rep. In addition, you can opt to lift a weight that allows you to perform 20 to 30 fast reps. Remember to return the weight to its original start position in a controlled manner.
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#4.Engage multiple sets
All bodybuilders are familiar with the one set to failure method. If you are not, this is where bodybuilders select a weight that is heavy enough thus ensuring that the repetition of the last exercise is difficult to complete. Although the approach has been popular and a time saver, performing multiple sets will accelerate muscle growth allowing you to achieve your goals.
Research has shown that weight lifters who perform a single set per exercise performed less in terms of accelerated muscle growth compared to lifters who performed three to five more sets. Which means multiple sets accelerates muscle growth.
#5.Get a good night sleep
Today, the world is connected to the internet thanks to the availability of smart devices and PCs. As a result, a vast majority of the people are spending more time on the internet. It is quite common to find people working or browsing the internet (social media, mobile message and streaming apps) late into the night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, this has created a people who never sleep.
If you are working out with the intention of accelerating muscle growth, then smart devices, TVs and PCs should be shut off an hour before heading to bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that people between 16 years to 65 years should sleep 7 to 9 hours every night.
As a weight lifter, this will allow your body to repair or replace damaged muscles. In the end, your muscles will experience accelerated growth.




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